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WHERE ARE OUR priorities? Children are being murdered by poison gas in Syria. An 88-year-old man is slain by teens for a pittance. A college athlete was shot dead by teens who stated that they were bored. With the world in turmoil, a large group of morons are upset because Ben Affleck has been chosen to portray the comic action hero Batman in a movie over two years away? Sometimes, I wonder where we are heading.


THE NORTH AUGUSTA Public Safety officer at the high school should be directing traffic in the mornings and afternoons at the entrance to Knobcone Road. The cellphone calls can wait until after traffic has cleared; these kids are dodging cars.


RANT TO THE Veterans Affairs employee who found my ATM card during the family conference, held on to it for five days, then accessed my VA records to find out when I had an appointment so she could return it to me. You knew you were wrong; that’s why you gave it to the nurse.


ROSA T. BEARD was a true woman of God. Her love for people was untouchable, in addition to her love for community. Please respect her life, her living and her legacy. Have the same love she shared with so many.


A RANT TO THE Georgia Tech complainers: Maybe if you could fill up your high school stadium without offering free hot dogs, beat UGA more than once in 14 years, and win the high school league of the ACC without cheating (see 2009), maybe The Augusta Chronicle would discuss Tech more.


RANT TO THE department manager at the Evans Wal-Mart for refusing to honor an Internet order. Raves to the store manager for acknowledging the error and allowing the purchase. Raves, also, to Shekilia and Samantha, who served me in a professional, cheerful manner.


A PARADE OF MALES wearing women’s tutus. What is this trying to prove?


SECRETARY OF STATE John Kerry said Syria has weapons of mass destruction. Green light for a war. Where have we heard this before? And, as in the last time, it is none of our business.


PARENTS, TEACH YOUR children there is a difference between “law” and “authority.” Never run from and always cooperate with “authority.” If they are doing you wrong, the “law” will enable you to correct that later.



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