Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


FIFTY YEARS AGO Dr. King ascended the mountain. Sadly, his followers took the low road to the valley. They have no shame. Dr. King weeps.

SCHOOL HAS STARTED and some GRU students still did not have their financial aid because of the schools. I was supposed to have my books by Wednesday per my teachers but can’t afford them and my answer from the financial aid is they are working on it. So in the meantime, I just wing it and hope I don’t fail because I have no books.

RAVES TO CARIN at the downtown Eighth Street post office. She is always very pleasant and smiling and helpful every time she waits on you.

I ATTENDED THE Beulah Grove free concert. I went at 5:30, hoping to get a good seat. We (two women) ended up sitting on the steps, down an aisle. Many had to stand. Looking around the beautiful church, there were many gaps in the benches where people were sitting. I saw many people cutting in the lines to get in, people allowing three or four people to jump the line.

RANT FOR THE two pleading innocent for the Riverwalk Augusta beatings. The attackers have maimed one person for life and almost killed them. Life in prison without parole is the only fair thing. They will suffer for life and so should the attackers. There is simply way too much of this going on around the country, and it needs to stop. Life in prison will set a good signal that society will not tolerate this. Judges, listen up and stop this insanity now. One of your friends or relatives might be next.

RANT FOR THE youths of America. The thugs who killed the World War II veteran in Washington should have been thanking him for his service to America that gave them the lifestyle they had. Instead, they beat him to death. Rid this nation of them now and their parents, too.

WHAT A MESS at Beulah Grove Baptist Church for the “free” concert/Pure Worship Service.

RANT FOR THE three young boys walking down Walton Way with their pants down to their knees with the pathetic foul language. I wish somebody would give me one reason that they are any value to this nation. I can’t think of any.

HUGE RAVE FOR the Latinos who always clean up Deans Bridge Road. Thank you very much.