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AUGUSTA CARES: YOU have to be kidding me. I have been calling for 21/2 years for the ditch next to my home to be cleaned. It fills up with water. It doesn’t drain. Now that it has taken so long, the road is deteriorating. They sent someone out to put up an orange cone last week. Every time I call, I’m told there are other people that have more important issues, they will get to it. Look what it’s going to cost the county to fix the ditch, road and driveway.

RANT FOR ALL THESE people walking the streets with their pants down. Why can’t you come into the year 2013 and act like human beings instead of cavemen? Where on Earth are their parents? If they can’t raise children with brains and respect, they should not have them.

THE AIKEN COUNTY library is in total filth and needs to be cleaned from top to bottom. The bathrooms are so dirty, I’m scared to use them.

THERE REALLY ARE NICE people in this world. A big thanks to the gentleman who helped our 16-year-old on Aug. 21. His car overheated on Hardy McManus Road. He pulled into Rivershyre, and a guy stopped and helped him figure out what was wrong. He drove him to Advanced Auto so he could get a radiator hose and coolant. I only wish the 16-year-old could remember his name so we could give him a big thanks.

WE HAVE SOME VERY old and stupid laws on the books that are way past due for change. Three teenagers murder an innocent man for the fun of it, get caught and confess, but because of their age they do not qualify for the death penalty. Society needs to be rid of these gun-toting animals.

TAILGATING ON Sweet­water Road? Sing it, sister/brother! I travel this road twice daily and am surprised when I am not tailgated. I admit to often driving 5 mph over the posted limit, and still I’m tailgated. That’s a sure way to make me slow down. That’s a dangerous curvy road, people! Oh, and you folks who fly around me just to slam on brakes 100 feet down the road to turn … really?

RANT TO NORTH Au­gus­ta High School. The traffic pattern in the after­noon is horrible. Put it back the way it has always been. … Forty minutes to pick up a rider is unacceptable.

WHO APPROVED THE trees to be cut down by Ivy Falls in Columbia County? What a shame.



Tue, 01/23/2018 - 17:05

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