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HERE’S A RAVE for the man driving the black truck on North Belair Road this evening during rush hour. Thank you so much for letting me in. I know this must have been hard for you to do since you were driving with one hand on the steering wheel because your other hand only had one finger on it!


DID YOU KNOW that President Obama added another dog to his household? The taxpayers currently pay a dog attendant $102,000 a year to take care of the first dog because the first lady and the two daughters are too busy to feed and walk the current dog.


THE AIKEN COUNTY library is not a safe place to leave your children.


WHY IS AUGUSTA Regional Airport going to buy a new fire truck to fight building fire? Doesn’t the county have a fire station a mile from the airport? Waste of tax dollars.


RAVE TO Augusta Cares. I e-mailed them with a concern about the six foot overgrowth along Oates Creek in Turpin Hill and crews came out and took care of the problem. Martha, you rock!


RANT TO WHOEVER stole my camper from Skinner Mill Self Storage. You not only took away my family time at the lake, but you took away something my father left me which meant the world to me and cannot be replaced. I just hope you are found and what goes around comes around!!! If anyone knows anything about this, please contact Skinner Mill Self Storage and they will have my contact information.


TRAYVON MARTIN’S murder was brutal as well. So Oprah and the rest of us civilized people are quite correct to make certain to properly refer to his murder by Zimmerman as disgusting and any other negative terms or comparison that we make.


THE NEW HEALTH CARE laws are primarily needed by those who don’t have insurance. So if the Congress people have insurance, why do they need to be pushed to have to buy other insurance? First, you get the uninsured people covered.



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Rants and raves

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