Rants & Raves

I WAS RAISED IN south Augusta, and I still live in south Augusta. We are pretty good people out here, and we would spend our money in these stores. Stay in Co­lumbia County and don’t talk about south Augusta.


HOMELESS VETERANS should be a mission field for every church in Augusta. We need missionaries going overseas, but look at the plight of veterans here. Surely more can be done by churches without asking the government to do more.

THE MOTHERS OF all gang members believe their sons are sweet, innocent little boys.

THE TRUTH DOESN’T matter anymore in Augusta. The truth doesn’t even enter the equation.

I AM A REPUBLICAN female and disgusted with the division in the party. This is not the “Old South,” and we have to modern up. We have to support immigration reform in order to ever have a Republican in the White House. Lindsay Graham seems to be the only one in the spotlight who realizes our plight.

HOW CAN THE Aiken County school board turn a blind eye to a principal at an elementary school playing “fruit basket turnover” with the teachers each year in order to ensure that his own children get the teacher he wants?

TIRED OF THE SAME old comments: Obama, whites vs. blacks, blacks vs. whites. Small-minded people. The paper is becoming repetitive. I would like to read something uplifting for a change. There are too many things to discuss other than race.

RANT TO ALL THE Augusta area drivers who refuse to use their headlights even during downpours when visibility is greatly reduced! Today was one of those days, and I estimate approximately 50 percent used their lights. Could it be they are unaware it is a law? Or do they just feel the law does not apply to them just like running stop signs and red lights?

THEY NEVER MISS a chance to make fun of the Confederate flag. I don’t care for the cartoon today in your paper.



Mon, 01/15/2018 - 18:58

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