Rants & Raves

PEANUTS GROW in the ground like taters.



STOP THE RACISM. The whites are as bad as the blacks and vice versa. We all came from Adam and Eve, and we are all brothers and sisters. We are all the same. I love everybody equally.


ISN’T IT TOO BAD that Nikki Haley didn’t come from Georgia rather than South Carolina? She is a wonderful, get-things-done governor. In contrast, look at Nathan Deal, a typical, do-nothing-good politician. How did South Carolina get so lucky? Down with Deal and his Regents buddies. We can do so much better for Georgia.


WHEN GAY PEOPLE move into an area, they clean it up.


WE NEED TO remember God and country.


I AM A VETERAN and I am an alcoholic, but the Army did not cause my alcoholism. I caused it myself. That veteran in the paper is just looking for a scapegoat. Admit that you have a problem and get help. The military will help. It is hard, but they will help.


SUNDAY’S OPINION pages were outstanding. I just reread the whole section. Keep up the good work.


I AM 85 YEARS OLD and I have been having lots of medical problems. The sheriff’s office sent a car just to see if I was all right. I want to express my appreciation.


MY GRANDCHILD GOES to a Grovetown school. She has tried for two years to get on sports teams. Her teacher will not let her on it because she is not rich. I don’t think it is fair. She tried for soccer, baseball and basketball. They only pick the rich people’s kids. They won’t let the poor kids play.


DON’T WE HAVE LAWS that protect us from offensive, indecent exposure of body parts? We ought to arrest these people who are exposing themselves in south Augusta. It’s trash and garbage.


SOMEONE PLEASE, please look into how many students are attending North Augusta schools who don’t live here. Every day in the carpool lines I see car after car with Georgia tags. The kids will come right out and tell you they don’t live here. Our schools are over capacity by hundreds. Please do a better job of checking residency requirements.



Wed, 01/17/2018 - 23:14

Rants and raves