Rants & Raves

IT’S TIME that the members of the Rich­mond County Board of Education put the students first. Those board members who don’t vote to get a new superintendent need to be voted out, too. The children of Richmond County need new leadership now.



IT IS A SAD STATE of affairs when the police are in fear for their lives when confronted by teenagers. The problem is that those kids have no respect for the law and no morals. Many of those children are armed and very dangerous. Where are their parents?


WHY DOES THE ‘LOCAL’ news insist on reporting national and international stories? We already have a half-dozen 24/7 networks doing that. Less Walter Cronkite, more local interest items, please.


AL-JAZEERA AMERICA? Would we have had Radio Berlin America during World War II? We will never beat these guys.


I AM A MIDDLE-AGE woman. I applied for food stamps 2 ½ months ago and am having trouble getting results. I have yet to receive information either of a denial of acceptance. I am sorry to say this about your beautiful city, but I think your system stinks. Unfortunately, every time I go to the office, I get nothing but the runaround.


OPRAH WINFREY MADE $77 million last year, but it doesn’t stop her from being a racist.


I HAD SURGERY and was a patient in University Hospital on the 10th floor. I had many people assisting me during my stay, and every one of them went out of the way to be helpful and nice. I appreciate being treated with dignity and respect.


IT IS AMAZING that “thank you” is not on the menu at some of these fast-food chains. In times past, any amount of your business was appreciated by using such words as “thank you,” but not anymore. The best you can expect is “here you go.” And sometimes not even that. I realize these are changing times, but one thing that should never change is your gratitude.


FOR THE PERSON correcting the WJBF news department in the classification of peanuts as a plant. Please try using an online dictionary before you make corrections. From the Free Online Dictionary I quote “bush: noun 1. a low plant with many branches that arise from or near the ground. 2. a small cluster of shrubs appearing as a single plant.”


THE MUSLIM Brotherhood has called for “anger” in Egypt. What else is new?



Sun, 12/17/2017 - 19:23

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