Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


HOW ARE THE American people supposed to find jobs when no one is willing to hire you to give you the opportunity nor the experience you need? What’s the point of even going to college to get an education now?


I AGREE THAT women around here are looking like they have never seen a hair comb, or, for that matter, seen a bathtub. I have never walked outside to even check the mail looking like a nasty mess, so why can’t you young girls take some pride in yourselves?


RAVE TO Dr. Chutkan and his staff. My back surgery was done Aug. 15. I was taken very good care of, and their genuine concern was greatly appreciated. A big rave to all the nurses on 4 West at GRU. You all did a great job of taking care of me. God bless you.


GOV. NATHAN DEAL and his business/political cronies are about to hit online buyers with a tax increase. Meanwhile, $200 million in taxes goes to build a football stadium in Atlanta for a billionaire owner to replace a stadium that works just fine.


WE ARE ABOUT to pay dearly for the sins of our brilliant federal government. Inflation is coming: the dollar is losing whatever value it had thanks to Quantitative Easing III; meat prices will be rising rapidly because of the EPA’s requirement of ethanol and the resulting shortage of feed corn; oil prices will continue to rise because of the no-drill/no-pipeline policy of our federal government and the possibility of the Suez Canal being threatened by Egypt’s problems. And then there’s Obamacare.


IT’S TOO BAD no one proofread the GRU diplomas before they went out. Having said that, I wrote a review for a local business and my typo is still there on its Web site.


I AGREE WITH the person about summer school. Why try to pass during the regular school term when you can pay for passing in summer school? What a joke.


JESSE JACKSON JR. to receive $8,700 a month from the taxpayers for bipolar disorder when serving his federal sentence. Sounds like a scam. When was this ailment discovered, and were voters informed of this problem when he ran for office? Something is definitely wrong with this. How many others in the government claim medical maladies other than lack of brain matter?