Rants & Raves

AS SAID IN the movie “Oh Brother:” Augusta needs some reform.



WHERE ARE ALL the protestes for the white boy who was beaten by three larger black boys? Prejudice is alive, but not by whites.


RANT TO THE MOTHER of Kyvan James. If she is so worried about her son, why is he out at 11 p.m. at 15 years old, and why would he run from the police on sight? She says they should realize he is a minor. Does she think minors don’t commit crimes?


RANT CONCERNING the new garbage pickup. I think they have had ample time to iron out their problems, but I still can’t get my garbage picked up except for one week out of three. I call and nothing happens. What is the problem with the city of Augusta that they can’t do a simple service for the citizen such as picking up trash on a normal schedule? I don’t understand this. I have been in the service industry for years. If I supplied the type of business I am receiving I would be out of business.


I ENJOY READING the Faith page. I wish you would write an article about the Church of Scientology.


BIG BIG RANT to the AC and the articles the paper printed about the Muslims, on the front page again. Who wants to know about a religion that demeans women and believes in violence, destruction, bombs and taking over the world?


A WOMAN LEAVES three pre-school kids in a parked car, with the windows down, and with no adult supervision, and the RCSD lets her drive off without even a warning?!?!?! How is that not child endangerment? Come on RCSD.


A TWIN PROPELLER plane crashed into a house in Arizona, killing several. There is no excuse for a twin to have crashed since any good twin will fly on one engine. This was clearly a tragic case of pilot error. Lately, we’re seeing more and more of these, even with commercial pilots crashing merely because they don’t pay attention to the basics. What’s going on?


I HOPE THE tax payers didn’t have to pay to have the president’s dog delivered to him on vacation.



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Rants and raves

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