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WHOSE DECISION IS it to charge $90 per semester per student at Georgia Regents University for insurance? My daughter and grandson are both students who already have their own medical insurance. They were told that it is not an option to refuse it. Now, that is just crazy!


THE DECLINE IN obesity among low-income preschoolers is certainly to be applauded even though it’s a small reduction. We need to reduce the sugar intake as a way to prevent obesity. What is needed is a change to the food stamp program to prevent sugary products from being bought. Right now, you can see many of the shopping carts loaded with sugar-laden products and all being paid with the Peach Card. It seems a simple enough solution, so let’s change the program.


THE RICHMOND COUNTY Board of Education is raising a whole new generation of teachers and administrators that will know nothing except how to raise taxes and pretend to be teaching.


KENYA JAMES NEEDS to be a more responsible parent by not letting her 15-year-old son wander around at 11 p.m. at night. Also, where did her son get the idea of running from the police when he was not guilty of a crime? Can she really blame the police for apprehending her son under the circumstances? Her son probably got the black eye in the scuffle with the police.


WHO IN THEIR RIGHT mind would want to put a department store in south Augusta? I would not live in a house out there even if they gave it to me. If you cannot control the residents in your county from crime or illegal acts (children, adults, what have you). Furthermore, retailers put business where they will make a profit, not just for show, and be ripped off. Think about what you are saying before you say it. And to, Columbia County residents, aren’t they asking you for nothing?


ONCE AGAIN, THE bias. A black teen runs from the cops and claims brutality, getting front page treatment. Meanwhile, a white kid is beaten by three blacks on a bus and, for the most part, silence.


RANT! NOTHING TO say except when Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson preach racial harmony they are talking out their back sides. How incredible that they didn’t weigh in on the three black hoods beating a white boy on the bus. But did you expect anything else? No way for them to make money.



Thu, 01/18/2018 - 12:39

Free school supplies event scheduled next week at Jenkins-White Elementary

Amerigroup Community Care will help local students restock their school supplies next week at Jenkins-White Elementary Charter School.

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