Rants & Raves

WE DON’T NEED any more criminal housing in south Augusta. What we need is more law enforcement down here.



HILLARY CLINTON will not have to run for president. All she will have to do is walk into the job.


RANT FOR THE DOT. They actually cut the trash on Bobby Jones at Wrights­boro Road. But why not pick the trash up before cutting the grass, so it won’t leave all the debris scattered all over the highway?


SCHOOL Superinten­dent Roberson should retire. He isn’t able to do his job. Please retire or fire him.


RAVE FOR CHRIST Com­munity. I’ve been going there for a year. They helped me get my blood pressure and sugar under control. Dr. Gil­bert, Dr. Campbell and all the rest, I want to say thank you.


RANT CONCERNING the city-owned golf course. Paul Simon made a comment about the condition of the course and said they should be ashamed the city charges to play there. The problem is that everybody who works for or retired from and their friends and family play for free or reduced prices, not allowing the course to make enough money. This is the reason the majority of commissioners want the Patch to stay in the city’s ownership, so they can play free golf. I am tired of paying for these freeloaders.


NOT TOO LONG AGO, we would have sent in Marines and beefed up security at our embassies. Now we close the embassies and hide in closets while the president goes on vacation.


THE ONLY THING that will instill honesty, integrity and responsibility is teaching Bible courses. Golf won’t do it.


RANTS TO THE OWNERS of two dead golf courses in the CSRA. I am calling out the Augusta Com­mission and Donnie Thomp­son. You both have awesome facilities for two fine golf courses, yet you can’t make them operational. Shame on you both, to have such wonderful assets yet you do nothing.


NOTHING TO SAY except when Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson preach racial harmony they are talking out their back sides. How incredible that they didn’t weigh in on the three black hoods beating a white boy on the bus. But did you expect anything else? No way for them to make money!


I LIKE THE movie Judgment at Nuremberg. They all tell the truth.



Tue, 12/12/2017 - 19:42

Rants and raves

Tue, 12/12/2017 - 19:42

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