Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


RAVES FOR the barbers who gave free haircuts at May Park … community spirit at its finest, we need more of that!

RAVES FOR GRU residents providing for the poor of Peru. Too bad they are unable to donate their services to our local Project Access Program. It is in desperate need.

YOUR EDITORIAL SHOWS crime stats from around the county. It seems most of the times deputies are called they’re called to “clubs.” Thus, one way to lower those rates would simply be to close all “clubs” for a while and then see what results.

A BIG “BULL RUN” is on for Atlanta, similar to the dangerous ones in Pamplona, Spain. One, how stupid can Americans get?

BIG RANT FOR THE yard man who cuts the grass for my neighbor. Clean up after yourself, and don’t throw the grass clippings on my side or, even worse, in the storm drain. Be respectful and clean.

THANK YOU, OBAMA, for all you have done for this country, and I hope you will bring all our troops home before you leave office. Have a blessed day.

RAVE FOR ALL THE nurses on 4 at Doctors Hospital who took such good care of me. Kudos to you.

FOR ALL THE ATTORNEYS in the CSRA: You need to polish up your lawsuits against medical facilities because they all have staff doctors and you can’t see your private physician. I almost hemorrhaged to death when the staff doctor didn’t show up.

WE COLLECT USED CELLPHONES for our military while Obama is giving new cellphones with 250 minutes to most anybody who applies for them. There seems to be a problem there.

THE TV GUIDE DOES not advertise channel 12.3 and 54.2. How will people know what is on those channels without being advertised?

RANT TO AN USHER at a local church. At a recent funeral she was boisterous and loud. She wasn’t even a member of that church, but she was bossing people around.



Mon, 01/22/2018 - 18:23

Rants and raves