Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


A HUGE RAVE FOR the nice person who used their change to pay for my breakfast at McDonald’s on Columbia Road on Aug. 5. Thank you so much. God bless you and yours.

RAVE FOR RICHMOND County’s sheriff for wanting a gang task force. Richmond County needs one to rid the county of these little thugs, and you will see a decrease in crime.

AUGUSTA COULD become the most famous place in the world, and I certainly am not talking about golf. Look your fellow human in the eye and convey the love that you have for yourself.

MR. PRESIDENT, when you were out campaigning for your second term you told us that al-Qaida was disseminated and on the run, but now we see that you have had to close a large number of our embassies and consulates in the Arab peninsula because of al-Qaida threats. I wonder who has got who on the run now.

WILL THE AUGUSTA Commission stop messing around when it comes to The Patch? You have been messing around for years, and all you have done is scare off potential companies that want to make a go of it. Remember, it’s our tax money that you are wasting. Let’s get on with it and focus on how it can be made a source of revenue for the city.

I LIVE IN A SUBDIVISION in south Augusta where folks do not seem to have any regard for other people’s property. We do not have pets, so I do not think it is my responsibility to scoop up dog poop. Folks with pets should scoop up behind their animals. There is such a thing as leash laws.

TEACHING GOLF IN schools seems to be a good idea; however, don’t lose sight of why the children are in school in the first place. They are there to learn the subjects that matter. Also don’t lose sight of the fact that Richmond County schools have a long way to go to reach acceptable performance levels. Stacey Mabray, the senior director of curriculum, seems to have gotten carried away thinking that golf will bring together a lot of things the children are learning, including math.

WE GIVE FREE LUNCHES to Richmond County students while teachers are on nine days of furlough.

HOW LOW STANDARDS have become. Women walk around looking like they have never combed their hair. I’m afraid a generation of slobs has been raised. How sad; no self-esteem.