Rants & Raves

RANTS TO ALL THE parents who refuse to take care of your children. You need to be locked up. It is bad that the children have to suffer because some parents won’t pay for their children.



RANTS TO THE Colum­bia County transit driver who is not polite to the public. He is not nice like the other drivers.


OUR COUNTRY IS in a sad state of affairs. Every Christian ought to pray because this country is headed for destruction.


YOU CAN CRITICIZE MacArthur for going too far into Korea, but look at what we have now. We still have troops in Korea.


WHEN WAS THE last time there was a full audit of all departments and commissioners of the Richmond County government?


WE NEED STRONG armed forces to keep us free. Please don’t let us fall behind.


IF THE VOTERS KEEP voting for the special purpose local option sales tax, all they are doing is sending a message to the local government that it is OK to keep raising taxes. That is a voluntary tax. Now they gripe about the sheriff or the school board wanting to add a tax. Send a message; vote against the tax next time.


WHAT DOES THE sheriff think about the pants hanging down and shirts with obscene writing on them?


DR. AZIZZ, HOW can one man make a nurse of 23 years hate his job so much? And make his family hate his job, too? Why did you do it?


TO THE COUPLE IN THE maroon Saturn: Please stop throwing your lit cigarette butts out of the window; it can cause a serious fire.


RANT FOR THE government. I guess now that the welfare people won’t even have to pay for feeding their kids, we will see more money go for chrome rims on the Mercedeses and Escalades


RANT FOR OUR pathetic government. Welfare people in Richmond County are paid well to feed their kids on the food stamp program. Most of this is fraud and waste anyway.



Tue, 01/23/2018 - 23:00

Jury acquits man of aggravated assault

Tue, 01/23/2018 - 22:00

Personal care home owner indicted