Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


THIS IS A RANT regarding the afternoon commute, westbound on River Watch Parkway. At the light at the intersection of Claussen Road and Interstate 20 West, some drivers approach in the right-hand lane, then jump over in front of the traffic that has been waiting even though that lane is marked overhead and with a sign stating right turn only – into the Pilot Station. What makes you arrogant jerks think you are too good to wait like the rest of us? I wish the sheriff would put a deputy there and hand out tickets for those of you that do this.

THE GOOD PART OF the black community is losing credibility with the whites because of the behavior of the race baiters, criminal element and parasites in the black community. When a black criminal fatally shoots a 2-year-old white child in the face in a robbery, where was the outrage in the good black community?

WHEN WILL PEOPLE wake up and realize what is going on in the South Carolina Legislature? They are now allowing deer baiting. This is not hunting; it is killing. This is not fair.

IN THE GOOD OLD days, government was headed by businessmen who understood finances/budgets. And lawyers, who understand nothing but fostering confusion, were kept in the courtroom instead of being allowed to run rampantly amok in Washington, D.C.

CONGRESSIONAL members and their staffers exempted from the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Isn’t that special?

A SLEW OF gang-bangers are bonded out of jail. Does anyone want to bet how many are dead or busted on other charges before their current crimes see trial?

THINGS ARE REALLY upside down and backwards when the head of Russia wants to stop so-called gays while the president of the U.S. wants gays to be happy …

A HUGE RANT TO the management of SRNS for deciding to end their community outreach program supporting the Aiken Rehab, and the handicapped people who work there.

LOWER TEST SCORES, low morale, high turnover. Do the math, the common denominator is Brian Campbell. Wake up, Lincoln County!