Rants & Raves



STUDENT MEALS TO be free? Nothing’s free; somebody pays. Two: This “free meals” lie is further proof that Marxism has marched boldly into the U.S.


I HAVE MADE MANY trips to Westview Ceme­tery over many years as I have a lot of family there. I have always thought the place was kept reasonably well until about two weeks ago. When I went, I was very disappointed in the appearance of the place – overgrown grass, fire ants, just an unkempt look! The grass that was cut was just blown all over the grave stones. If manpower is the problem, maybe you could use prisoners to help out. Just please do something. Our loved ones deserve more respect than this.


FREE BREAKFAST and lunches for all Richmond County students?! I remember running out of money on my school lunch account one day, and I got a refrigerated PB&J graham cracker sandwich while everyone else in the lunch line got a hot meal. This is such a slap in the face to my parents, as well as every other parent, who actually paid for their children’s “nutritious” school meals every year. Use this rant as a coupon to redeem your free meal today!


IF WE HAD MORE people in the workforce like Jillian at S&S Cafeteria, the world would be a better place. I have worked at many a restaurant and have an understanding of how stressful and demanding it can be. Letting a smile be your name tag and having a positive attitude regardless makes people want to come back. Serving my favorite food helps, too. Thank you, Jilly Bean.


I WAS AT THE Augusta Mall yesterday with my grandsons. They said to me, “Papa, look where that boy is wearing his pants!” You could see more than just his underwear! I think security should ticket kids that dress like that. It’s disgusting.


PROTESTING downtown to oppose a tax increase will accomplish as much as barking at the moon! I bet all those folks protesting voted Democrat, too, the party of more taxes. Why not vote Repub­lican next time, the party that cuts taxes? Better still, vote for the fair tax (see fairtax.org) and all taxes will be eliminated, including payroll taxes. You keep every penny you earn, and pay taxes only on what you choose to buy. But, no, Democrats will always keep barking at the moon!



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