Rants & Raves

A BIG RANT to all the drivers on the roads July 31 during the rainstorm driving without their headlights on! I drive with my lights on during the rainstorms so that you can see me. Please drive with your lights on so that I might see you!



WATCHING TRINITY Hospital self-destruct at the hands of management – I feel for the employees. I have one word of advice for you. Unionize!


EVEN THOUGH WE are pulling our troops out of Afghanistan by the end of 2014 we are still talking about having a residual force stay there indefinitely. I think enough is enough. We have lost too many of our people in this long, drawn-out “war.” Why would we want to support Karzai, who has grown very rich off of us, and his corrupt government any longer?


IF REPUBLICANS ARE dumb enough to nominate a radical fringe extremist like Rand Paul in 2016, then we all better get used to hearing the words “President Hillary Clinton.”


I HAVE A RAVE for Dr. J. Ronald Jowers. He’s an excellent “Old School” doctor. He has a great bedside manner. He really listens to his patients and cares about them as well! Thanks, Dr. Jowers, for all you do! It doesn’t go unnoticed!


DEAR UNIVERSITY Hospital employee who works in a division of the IT who is constantly rude to other employees, constantly complains about her workload ... please take the time to read this and know that this is about you, and everyone around you knows this is about you, too.


A RANT TO THE letter writer who claimed he was an independent and then skewered Obama with a pack of lies. Independent – my foot.


MARTIN WAS TALLER, younger, stronger and faster then Zimmerman. He beat him to the ground, held him down with his own weight and was bashing his head into concrete. I am 59 years old. Someone like that has beat me down, and bashing my head into concrete is going to make me deathly afraid for my life. Yes, if I had a gun or even a knife I could get my hands on, I would use that to protect myself. If the offender dies in my struggle to protect myself, I was rightfully defending myself regardless of the race of either party. End of story. Get over it. If you say you wouldn’t do the very same thing, I suggest you might be telling a lie.



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Rants and raves

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