Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



THIS IS A RAVE for the nice young lady who bothered to flag me down in the parking lot of Big Lots. I had dropped my debit card without realizing it, and she wanted to make sure I got it back. I’m sorry I didn’t ask your name, but God knows. Blessings to you!


WE HAVE THE NSA scanning our e-mails and recording our phone calls, the post office scanning our mail and now the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office scanning our license plates. I rather like what I see with the license plate scanning, which will catch some of the local criminal element on a real time basis. It’s impressive that the scanner, on one car, can scan 1,000 cars in 10 minutes.


IN REFERENCE TO pedestrian fatalities and Wrightsboro Road: The reason you are having so many kids there is the library on Jackson Road and the apartment units on Jackson Road. Yes, they should be more careful crossing. I’m an adult who has crossed for years with no problems. I’ve never come close to being hit, even as a senior citizen with lack of speed. Please don’t make me walk all the way over to the crosswalk to cross.


HOODIES ARE unwelcome in your neighborhood? Even neighborhood watch cannot make that illegal. Kids wear hoodies all the time. How are you going to stop that? With your concealed weapons? It doesn’t matter what mix or races that Zimmerman is, he disobeyed law enforcement advice, stalked the kid on the basis of his look wearing a hoodie, harassed him and then killed him.


AUGUSTA COMMISSION members don’t want stores like Target on the south side. They denied Target to set up a shopping center off Peach and Tobacco Road. We pay high taxes like any others in the county. Why should we have to drive to Columbia County to shop and Wheeler Road all the time?


WHAT A GREAT IDEA to give the wayward teens a touch of jail. Their exposure to jail conditions will make an impression on them. I have no doubt that the majority of teens exposed to this program will mend their ways.


IT’S TIME TO PULL the plug! Why should the South Carolina taxpayers have to fork out $635,400 a year on traffic control for college football games? Times have changed, so let’s see how the laws can be changed so the colleges pick up the tab. Fair is fair!


THIS IS A RANT TO smokers who feel compelled to fling their cigarettes out of their car windows. I had one land on my car, and it damaged paint on the hood.