Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


RAVES AND heartfelt thank you to Dr. Barry Strock and his compassionate staff of Veterinary Healthcare Associates of North Augusta for their love and genuine concern for the animals in their care and to the owners. Their patients are treated like family, and my family will be forever grateful.

HOW CAN SHERIFF Richard Roundtree charge downtown property owners extra money for more protection? Is that not extortion, which is illegal?

A BIG RAVE to the Augusta Museum of History for the Dog Days of Summer for August. Let’s get our kids and visitors over there to enjoy all two big stories of the museum from Thursdays through Sundays.

AUGUSTA IS GOING up a notch in style with the new 14-auditorium theater that will serve food in some auditoriums and have a restaurant.

RANT TO RICHMOND County Sheriff’s office. Last night, I observed a female officer that was about 5-foot-2 and must have weighed in at about 225 pounds. It did not make me feel safe. There must not be any physical requirements anymore!

CONTINUE TO SUPPORT our local charities such as Salvation Army, Goodwill, Catholic Social Services, etc., by donating used clothing, etc. Avoid dropping off those items at the new red boxes cropping up all over the place since the owners of these boxes are in the business of selling the dropped-off items for profit, which does not benefit charities.

PEOPLE FLY UP and down the highway in Dearing killing dogs and not stopping. One day they will kill a child. Slow down before you hurt or kill somebody.

I HOPE WHOEVER buys that 1935 Augusta National program will donate it to the Augusta Museum of History so that everyone can enjoy seeing what it’s like. In the meantime, Ms. Leslie, can you please post any pages that cover the caddies? Especially with photos?

HOW IS THE SOUTH side supposed to improve if everything is being put on the west side?

WHY ARE THESE men who live in Harrisburg, on Broad Street, allowed to have a dog? They have trash all over their front yard, and they have no grass, and they sit and get drunk all day, on their front porch. I know that they do not take care of this dog. I have reported it to Animal Control in Augusta, and they have done nothing.