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WHAT’S THE PURPOSE of a college consolidation if the two campuses are continuing to act as separate schools? The mandatory fees should be the same for all students, unless they’re half-time or distance learning students. Get your act together, Georgia Regents University; you’re creating a Despicable Me.


I HAVE A RANT concerning the NRA. Why is it implementing a fund to acquire George Zimmerman a weapon, since his weapon in the case is forgoing further examination and will be returned to him at a later date? I heard rants that a Zimmerman trial is not about race. If it really wants to be unbiased, why doesn’t the NRA raise money to give adult black males 18-21 weapons, so they do not end up like Trayvon Martin? Where are the Second Amendment rights for them?


I HOPE THAT WHEN President Obama goes on the road to explain his economic message, he states how he is going to help Georgia, which has suffered more than most states and is still hundreds of thousands of jobs below its prerecession levels. To make matters worse, Georgia’s recipients of food stamps make it the sixth-highest in the nation. Mr. President, we need your help!


AS IN WESTERNS when the cowboys would check their guns at the door, so should people with phones attending a movie theater. It is so annoying and distracting to see phone screens light up all over the theater. Either come to watch the movie or stay home and watch your phone.


RANT TO THE Rich­mond County Board of Education: Get rid of Frank Robertson and hire within (Spivey) and save money for teachers and no more furlough days.


IF SKIN COLOR HAS bearing in a court of law, then the scales of justice have not tipped – they have toppled.


THANK YOU, WAL-MART North Augusta, for providing the handicapped with electric carts, and then hang a sign telling them not to take them outside and for the pipe that you added to the cart so it won’t go out the door.


RANT FOR TRACY Williams on his letter: What we do now? How about ending the 73 percent out-of-wedlock births. How about black fathers supporting their kids instead of us hard-working, taxpaying citizens. We are tired of it. As long as they are raised with the behavior they have now, they will be incarcerated or shot down in the streets as they are doing all over this country.



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