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RAVE FOR RICHMOND County police for arresting four gang members. Let’s rid Richmond County of these thugs and make our streets safe. It is obvious in neighborhoods where gang activity is present but the public looks the other way until someone gets murdered. Our young, black youth are in crisis and we are asking all black men to be a hero and to attack this issue head on. Do you know of a black youth that you could help mentor. It will take helping one youth at a time and maybe we can save a life.


LIFE CAN BE difficult but it can be more difficult if one does not have a means of transportation. However, there is hope out there since the Mechanics Ministry at Wesley United Methodist Church donates cars to those in need. They reached a milestone recently by donating their 300th car to a needy person. We are all proud of you for helping those less fortunate than ourselves!


THE POSTAL SERVICE wants to eliminate individual residential mailboxes and have communal mailboxes somewhere near your neighborhood. I am fine with that as long as Augusta provides a bunch of recycle receptacles at each location. The only mail that is delivered to my residence is junk, anyway. Better yet, I could let them pack the mailbox full and they would recycle for me.


ON READING SOME of the Rants from last month, I’m truly in awe and pity some people’s opinions of the killing of a teen Trayvon Martin. Just want to say it’s never someone’s fault to die in innocence but it is a person’s fault to ignore the blatant ignorance and further racism in this country ...


AUGUSTA POLITICIANS spending $37.5 million on to praise themselves? Imagine how many jobs could be created by private business – say hotels and motels – with so many millions.

THE SHERIFF PLANS an extra tax district? Ain’t it amazing? Politicians always find ways to spend, never to save.

RANT TO THE person who dropped off the three puppies on Keysville Road in Hephzibah. I hope one day some one will do the same to you. Just to let you know two of the three were starving and got run over trying to find food. The third one I am trying to catch and have put food out but it is too scared to come to us. Just because we live in the country, we have our own animals to take care of and not yours. If you can’t afford to get them spayed/neutered then Don’t get a pet!


Sat, 08/19/2017 - 01:11

Rants and raves