Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



I LOVED RICK MCKEE’S cartoon about the arrival of England’s newest welfare baby! His mother’s hairdresser arrived at the hospital within hours of the birth. You know where her priorities are! When my children were born my wife certainly didn’t worry about her hair! ROYAL? Shallow shallow.


RE: 13 YEAR-OLD accused of molestation being charged as an adult, it is perhaps worth noting that he was competing in the Special Olympics in 2011, a not inconsequential piece of information when deciding whether or not to charge him as an adult. It’s quite possible he cannot reasonably be charged even as a teenager.


I AM DISTRESSED that the administration of Tobacco Road school had an employee with a life threatening illness and never tried to contact the employee. When I asked about the teacher, I was told no one knew and was summarily cut off. I am worried that educators whose job it is to show empathy cannot show the same empathy to a long-term employee.


THE ZIMMERMAN CRIME on Trayvon needs to be corrected by the incarceration of Zimmerman. Who else can get away with ignoring a police warning, all training as a true neighborhood watch person, stalking a teenager, and then claim shooting an unarmed person was in self-defense? Who else could get away with no police investigation for a month and a half just on his say-so after killing someone? No one of color, that’s for sure.


WHAT A LOT of folks refused to see was that Paula Deen first denied completely doing any of the things she did later confess to and apologize for. That’s the part that rankles so many people and companies, to lie about things first. What she should have done after a true apology was volunteer to attend sensitivity education classes, make a big donation towards an educational cause, apologize to the various employees she insulted, demeaned and angered and settle with them out of court.


THE TRAYVON MARTIN marches and discussions bring to mind we did not seem to yet end those inspirational dialogues about the 1970 riots. Where are those ASU professors and can they please tell us what the results of all those dialogues are?


IF THE POST OFFICE puts up a bunch of boxes in a neighborhood, and you have to go get your mail, how is a disabled person supposed to get their mail? They need to do something besides that.