Rants & Raves

BIG RAVE FOR Columbia County Sheriff’s Office. Thank you for ticketing people parking in handicapped spots. If you are not handicapped, park in a regular spot because Columbia County will ticket you. Keep up the good work.



ON THE ONE HAND, we have Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel moaning how bad the furloughs are going to be, and on the other hand, we are spending a small fortune, taxpayers’ money of course, on luxury residences for the top brass. For example, Marine Gen. John F. Kelly will get a five-bedroom residence at a cost to the taxpayers of $160,000 per year plus $420,000 for renovations and security improvements. The administration is making sure that the civilian workforce is going to suffer the most because of the sequestration.


RANT TO THOSE who joined the rally for Trayvon Martin. Why did you not have a rally for the couple beat with baseball bats on Riverwalk Augusta? Maybe if the roles of those involved were reversed then maybe a rally? Rally for the public to come forth for those here in Richmond County shooting guns and fighting all caught on video turn these thugs in or it will just keep going on.


WHERE WERE THE protests when white people are killed by a black person? What about when a black person is killed by another black person? The press has gotten out of control. This has got to stop.


RAVE FOR THE SIX women jurors who had the courage to find George Zimmerman innocent.


OBAMA IS MAKING a fool out of himself by making national statements in reference to the Zimmerman trial. It was a fair trial and he was acquitted. End of subject.


WHAT IS WITH these Trayvon Martin protests? Zimmerman was found not guilty the same as O.J. Simpson. I do not recall any mass protest by white people after the Simpson verdict. The difference must be that Zimmerman was a “white” Hispanic involved in the shooting. But here is a news flash: Zimmerman is no more white than Obama, and 11,000 black males have been killed by their brethren since this incident happened. You will find these stories only in the local papers.


A RAVE FOR LOGAN at Adventure Crossing. He went above and beyond to help search for my nephew’s missing money. It warmed our hearts to see such care and concern.



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Few flu cases in Augusta so far

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Stabbing suspect granted bond