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IF YOU’RE GOING to tutor kids at the Columbia County Library, then do it in the upper area for kids, especially if you’re going to have your baby kids with you. Loud and rude!


THE FOCUS FOR some time now has been on the Trayvon Martin tragedy, but let’s not forget the tragedy that occurred right here in Georgia back in March when police say a 13-month-old white sleeping toddler, Antonio Santiago, was deliberately fatally shot in the face by two black teens. I can’t remember President Obama calling the mother to console her. Let’s pray for Antonio, who is now in a better place.


THIS RACIST STUFF about George Zimmer­man is ridiculous. What about the poor white child in Brunswick, Ga.? Police said a young toddler in the stroller shot by two black kids. Where is Al Sharpton? Where are all the rest of the people crying about it?


RANT FOR AMERICANS. They could have gotten a conviction in the George Zimmerman trial if all the eyewitnesses from Augusta and all the other places around the country had showed up to testify.


RANT TO PRESIDENT Obama for trying to divide the USA racially; he has help from Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who both thrive on racial turmoil.


ZIMMERMAN WAS found not guilty by six of his peers. The case was televised. How could there be any doubt of George Zimmerman’s innocence? The state had no case. Now the feds are looking for anything to prosecute Zimmerman. Where were Eric Holder and Obama when the Black Panthers disrupted voting in Obama’s presidential election? They pick and choose their fights.


ON THE DAY that the city of Detroit declares bankruptcy, President Obama makes a rare statement to the press … about Trayvon Martin.


I DON’T MEAN to sound rude, but the woman who died at Six Flags was too big to ride the ride. They should have told her she couldn’t ride, but she knew she shouldn’t have been on it anyway.


RANT FOR ALL THE local leaders for not having a rally for the local people that have to put up with all these thugs caught on video shooting and fighting. There are people that know who these thugs are and for whatever reason choose to protect them. I hope one day the one you are protecting does not kill one of your loved ones. Let’s get these thugs off our streets and in jail.



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