Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


I DON’T UNDERSTAND why Paine College has gone to all that expense to set up a police force when they are already in deep financial trouble. Why is it necessary in the first place to establish a 13-person police force on a small campus such as Paine College since the local police can handle (it)?


IF PAULA DEEN were black and Treyvon Martin were white, none of these things would have played out the same.


IF HILLARY CLINTON is to be our next president, she needs to take some time to improve her management skills. Among her obvious job failures (the Russia “reset”, Benghazi massacre, North Korea, Middle East chaos, etc.), she left State Department in a mess and national security at risk.


IF OBAMACARE IS so good, why is the administration continually using hard-sell tactics to promote it? President Obama keeps telling us that we are going to be paying less, and we will have more choices, but the overall feeling is that this is not true. I am sure someone will benefit from Obamacare, but it’s not going to be the general population who will have to pay more.


SINCE SOME OR all these commissioners who went on this “educational” trip have “degrees” from some of these rinky-dink colleges, I hope they actually learned something.


BLACK ON WHITE, nothing said; black on black, nothing said; white or Latino on black – oh man, here they come. Time to change.


DID ANYBODY NOTICE the same bags of trash on the Interstate 20 bridge going from Georgia into South Carolina? The same trash and tire debris has been there for months. It really set’s a good example for the folks living here. Get busy, road crew.


TRAFFIC CAMERAS ARE nice on Wrightsboro Road, but are really needed at Gordon Highway at Barton Chapel. Logging trucks are running this red light and North Leg light on a regular basis. I have had to hit brakes twice after proceeding to go through green light because of a truck not stopping.