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BIG RAVE FOR PHIL Mickelson’s winning The Open. But a big rant for the British taking the pleasure out of golf by boogering up their courses. Who ever heard of 2-foot-tall grass around the greens, not to mention their awful pot bunkers?


I WOULD LIKE to remind Eric Holder that the “stand your ground” law was not used as a defense in the George Zimmerman trial so don’t try to mix things up and confuse people.


I TOTALLY AGREE with Fire Chief Chris James’ termination of Adam Krebs. Krebs violated one of the policies written in the Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual by faking sickness and working a second job. The city personnel board now has done an injustice by overturning his termination. Maybe Krebs’ attorney, Ed Enoch, swayed the board?


IF YOU SPEND MOST of your time of social networking sites such as Facebook complaining about what is wrong with your city instead of getting out and doing something constructive to make a difference, then you are part of the problem.


THEY HAD BETTER boot George Zimmerman from neighborhood watch anywhere he lives, and he’d better not be permitted any job with a gun. He already ignores the police and lied, with his wife, to the police.


HOW COME government agencies, and that includes Fort Gordon, make the sequestration a painful experience for the general public. I appreciate the fact that they have to furlough some people but they need to work around things to minimize impacts. It seems that they go out of their way to cause maximum disruption.


THE ‘NEWS’ ON TV should go back to the early 1960s. Fifteen minutes a night. Anything else is overkill.


GEORGE ZIMMERMAN had the right to carry a gun, and to be where he was. Trayvon Martin’s presence was questionable, hence the reason he was being observed. Martin had no right to attack Zimmerman physically. He made a poor choice, by attacking a citizen carrying a gun legally, and he paid with his life. Color never mattered. End of story



Sat, 11/18/2017 - 21:23

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