Rants & Raves

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THIS IS A RANT for all those protesters busting out windows and tearing up cars and beating people up. Where were you when O.J. Simpson was acquitted? The only thing you’re accomplishing is our neighborhood watch had a meeting today and four of us went down and got concealed weapons permits. So don’t come to our neighborhood in hoodies tearing things up.


NOW THEY WANT to raise our taxes to put cam­eras down on the river. Why don’t you just reassign tax money that’s coming in for what you need? We do that every day on a daily basis – we reassign money in our families if we need something. Something else has to suffer just a little in order to accommodate a need. And if you can’t do that in government, we’re all going to be broke. Quit raising our taxes.


MY GARBAGE CAN sits at the end of my driveway in some bushes. It’s been that way for years. I am crippled and cannot pull the garbage can down the long driveway. I can manage to get the sacks of garbage to the can and that is all. If you want to come over and put my garbage can out every week, I would be glad to take you up on that.


TO THE POWERS that be, it is time to cut the grass along the interstate and Bobby Jones Ex­press­way and clean up all the garbage that all this flooding has loosened up.


WHY I LIVE IN North Augusta … a city government that works, a county government that works, a board of education that works and one day-a-week trash pick-up that works.


A RANT FOR Columbia County Board of Edu­ca­tion’s latest newsletter! Does “Bullying” only apply to students or are principals (including acting principals) allowed exceptions? Apparently elementary principals are allowed special tactics to reduce staff. Could this be a manner in which to eliminate tenured teachers with more advanced degrees and allow hiring of newer, inexperienced teachers at reduced salaries?


AUGUSTA’S DOWNTOWN businesses have to pay an additional tax to obtain police protection? Really? It is a shame that Augusta is stuck with a sheriff who has no imagination. Tax-and-spend doesn’t work in D.C., and it will not work in Augusta.


GEORGE ZIMMERMAN’S mother calls herself an Afro-Peruvian. If George Zimmerman’s last name was Mesa, like his Peruvian-born mother’s maiden name, we probably never would have heard about the Trayvon Martin shooting.



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