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WHY NO OUTCRY of a hate crime for the assault on Riverwalk Augusta? Because it wasn’t one. No more than the Zimmerman case was.


I WISH THE local police would enforce the smoke-screen laws. These hopped-up diesel pickups love to smoke out people walking, bicycling, or foreign cars at intersections. One day they will cause an accident because of the on-purpose black soot exhaust.


I AM SORRY FOR the guy who had three computers and $400 in cash stolen from his car outside his residence. But really, who in their right mind would leave these items in their car and not expect them to be a target for criminals? Let’s not make it easy for those criminals to rip us off.


ONCE AGAIN I was in need of the cardiac cath lab at the downtown VA, and the staff took excellent care of me. I have never been treated so fast and in such capable hands as Dr. Alavi, Dr. Mandawat, Mrs. Reese, Cindy, Theresa, Jan and the always funny Orlando. I thank them for their dedication and making a not-so-good event bearable.


RANT TO THE Rich­mond County Board of Education. Why with all the cuts in education, Richmond County has summer school students going to school for free? Not free, taxpayers paying for it. Why are the parents of these students not paying? Buses pick students up with only a few students on the bus and also school staffers all costing the taxpayer.


IT IS HARD TO believe that Augusta leads the nation when it comes to infant mortality rates. It is three times the state rate and more than six times the national average. In this day and age, it should not be too difficult to get to the bottom of this and take the necessary actions to turn things around.


ABORTIONS? WHO cares? Black on black crime? Who cares? Thugs attacking the innocent? Who cares? Zimmerman defending himself? Racism! Racism!


NOW THAT THE George Zimmerman murder trial is over, can the media go back and cover stories that have fallen by the wayside such as Benghazi, IRS scandals, spying on the public, etc? I know that they are not as exciting, but we need the media attention so that we can get to the facts and maybe find out who really was responsible for what happened.


NO MORE PAULA Deen; no more Trayvon Martin. Please investigate the real stories now.


Mon, 08/21/2017 - 22:42

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