Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


THIS IS TO THE commissioners. How about y’all come clean the trash cans? Maggots are coming out of the top of the trash cans and flies are getting worse.


THIS IS FOR the red sedan speeding through the red light July Fourth high noon at the intersections of Georgia Avenue and Martintown Road in North Augusta. In case you’re still preoccupied with your selfish distractions, you came close to taking my life and possibly yours because you don’t take your driving seriously enough to give it the attention it deserves. If that close call we encountered doesn’t get your attention, then you won’t see the next one coming. I just hope the other driver doesn’t pay for your mistake, like I almost did.


RANT FOR ALL these people walking around with their pants down. I am 72 years old and all I can tell you is that this nation has regressed hundreds of years backward since I have been here.


IS IT JUST ME or is customer service improving at retail stores? A big rave to Erika at the Bobby Jones Lowe’s and to Lloyd at the South Augusta Lowe’s for resolving a messed up Internet order. Your managers should be proud to have dedicated employees such as you. My faith in retail service is slowly being restored.


THE OBAMA CROWD has struck again. This time Fort Gordon. They blocked the entrances to the fort to create a problem to show how much the sequester is hurting. Maybe they gave the wrong employees a furlough .


BEFORE WE GET too comfortable with the federal government delving deeper and deeper into our daily lives with the excuses of “security” or “fairness” or “political correctness,” we had better be aware that precedents are being established by this administration that will only be expanded by future presidents.


WHEN ARE PEOPLE going to wake up to the fact that if someone approaches you in the parking lot of some shop and offers you a large sum of money if you withdraw money from your bank to show that you are responsible then you should know that this is a con job?


WHY DID I GET a new garbage bin since the other one was in excellent condition? Another example of wasting our tax dollars. By the way, the new recycling bin I just got a few weeks ago has a wheel that falls off once the bin collectors drop it on the ground. Where is the quality in the products of today?



Tue, 01/23/2018 - 16:18

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