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AUGUSTA PREP AND Augusta Christian are very small schools compared with the public schools in Columbia County, but they get an awful lot of space for their sports.


I JOIN THOSE WHO are raving about this year’s wonderful spring and summer weather in the CSRA: drought-ending rains, cooler temperatures, full lakes, fresher airs.


I SEE JOE WILSON was right when he called Obama a liar. The proof is in the last four years of him in office.


THE AIKEN LIBRARY is a joke. This place sounds more like a zoo or day care with all the noise.


RCBOE SHOULD LOOK at cutting the construction budget of many millions; it could save those jobs that they plan to cut!


PEOPLE AND businesses: Turn off your sprinkler system until we dry out.


I WORKED FOR the Corps of Engineers for 20 years, so I know how government agencies operate. It is unbelievable with all the warm bodies at Fort Gordon, they are not able to operate the gates at the fort! They, like the rest of the government, treat the American taxpayers like fools. We know they are playing games to inconvenience the public, so the small budget cuts will be canceled to return them to a steady flow of cash to waste. Get real, Fort Gordon!


WHAT HAPPENED TO the beautiful quilt that was hanging at Shepeard Commu­nity Blood Center in Evans? It was truly an inspiring quilt. Kudos to the quilter!


GLOBAL WARMING alarmists are like the people who flogged themselves and walked through the countryside wailing “the end is near.” They’re always with us.


RANT FOR ALL the people in our area who are blaming all this flooding on the Corps of Engineers. They didn’t make the rain.


PARENTS, PLEASE TRAIN your kids not to yell “help” and “I’m drowning” when they are playing at the lake.


MARTHA KING OF Au­gus­ta Cares, thank you so much for getting my trash problem fixed. You are wonderful.


TRASH: SOUTH CAROLINA seems to be full of litter critters. We need more litter critter getters.


I DO NOT THINK Scott Dean should have to stay in jail. That girl wrote a letter saying he did not do it. If it had been anybody else, they would be let go. I don’t think he is guilty.



Sat, 11/18/2017 - 21:23

Rants and raves