Rants & Raves

THIS IS A RANT FOR THE person in Holiday Park who is stealing our newspaper. I called my carrier and she saw the girl who is stealing them. Please stop and we know who you are.



THANK YOU TO THE person at the McDonald’s on Walton Way who turned in my envelope with the cash in it. That was the last cash I had.


HOPEFULLY VARIOUS local charities will have their own red boxes that will be painted a different color so that the next time I put something in a box, I will know it is going to the right charity.


RANT FOR RICHMOND County Sheriff’s Department. You guys are doing a great job. I just wish you guys would clean up Second Avenue. The drug dealers are getting smarter and smarter while we are getting scareder and scareder. We need you to make a constant presence and they will leave.


I AM A TAXPAYING citizen of Aiken County and I agree with the editorial by Tina Bevington that we do not need to be burdened with the TIF to put a ball stadium in North Augusta. If North Augusta wants it, let they themselves pay for it.


A HUGE RAVE FOR Kevin Pollack and participants in the patriotic musical celebration at Warren Baptist Church. It was outstanding.


MAYBE IF THE commissioners had their vehicles taken away from them, they would realize that public transportation is needed for people who don’t have privately-owned vehicles.


RAVE TO DUANE, THE nurse at MCG. I appreciate what you did for my daughter. She was in pain and you explained to her everything that I could not. Be blessed.


I RECEIVED THE phone book. My number is not in there and my friend’s number is not in there. I wish they would put out one phone (book) with all names regardless of what carrier you have.


RAVE TO CAROLINA Pottery. They gave the first 100 people a 5 percent gift card, and the employees were wonderful.


THE PEOPLE WHO CALL numbers for the Georgia Lottery sound like they have a mouth full. You can’t understand a word they are saying.


RANT TO THE governor and everyone responsible for adding extra law enforcement during the holidays to look for DUIs. Those of you who chose to work in law enforcement deserve to work on holidays. You infringe upon my civil liberties.