Rants & Raves

MARION WILLIAMS IS the one out of line, not Fred Russell.



RAVE TO MY newspaper carrier in Martinez, Sandra. She does a great job. I am 93 and I live alone. She delivers my paper on the porch, and if she sees anything different she calls me to find out if I’m okay and does an absolutely great job. I would like for her to know how much she is appreciated.


REGARDING THE traffic stall at Fort Gordon: Prior planning by the commanders at Fort Gordon would have prevented this whole problem. Remember your “Ps.” Prior planning prevents poor performance.


IN REFERENCE TO THE language Paula Deen used 27 years ago, what about the way people talk today and the issues in the world today? People really need to get over themselves.


THIS IS A RAVE for the Augusta Richmond County mosquito control. I would like to once again thank Jerry and the rest of the staff for doing such a great job! Mosquitoes are terrible where we live at and it is only with the help of these diligent people that we can keep the mosquito population to a tolerable level. I just wanted them to know they are highly appreciated. When the water in your swimming pool has turned green, maybe it is time to TREAT it, neighbor.


YOU “PARK” YOUR noisy dogs in your front yard so they can bark and yap at passing neighbors, but won’t put them in the backyard because they will disturb the golfers. Bad pet owners, worse neighbors.


WHY IS EVERYONE upset about grass growing? Lets’s get to the real issues. Drug dealers on Second Avenue and those nasty, sagging pants.


HOW MANY PEOPLE have overfilled garbage cans by the day trash is to be picked up? It smells so bad to walk in my front yard especially in the afternoon; it’s horrible.


THANKFULLY MORE people are open minded about the gay pride events than others. The GRU bus that was mentioned properly transported and represented the student group participants. Go PRIDE!


GOODBYE, CADI. I think it best that store owners cleaned up in front of their own stores. We just need the garbage folks to run more times, especially after First Friday.


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