Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


RANT TO FORT GORDON. The furloughs have closed gates 2 & 3, forcing me to spend two hours, 20 minutes crawling from Robinson Avenue to Gate 1, and I could not help but notice that there was an MP sitting at Gate 2 making sure no one slipped past.

RANT TO Richmond County Board of Edu­cation. Why do students that attend summer school not pay? Tax­payers are paying for the teachers, lunchroom staffers and bus drivers along with the fuel for the buses, and I see only a couple of students on these buses. The parents of these students should pay and find a way to get their child to school.

HATS OFF TO the dealer section of the Richmond County tag office. They are the nicest ladies ever. When I drop off my titles to them they are very nice, we always have a short, sweet conversation and I’ve never had any problems from them. They walk me through all the changes that happened March 1, and still to this day help me when I need it. Great job.

RANT TO WJBF’S putting GRU President Ricardo Azziz on to introduce the best of the Class of 2013. If this is supposed to improve his image, it is not working. After what he did changing the name of Augusta State University, the best thing he could is get out of town. I am sure there are many Augusta natives who would be glad to buy the plane ticket.

RANT TO THE PEOPLE who use their trash cans as decoration in front of their house. It takes curb appeal to a new low. Close the lid and put it somewhere on your property out of sight.

LESS GOVERNMENT involvement and more personal responsibility. We are the result of the decisions we make. If you don’t want to be around cigarette smoke, choose not to be. Stop whining.

RANT TO THE SHERIFF’S office for not enforcing the law about fireworks that are against the law in residential neighborhoods. Columbia County tickets violators, but Richmond just watches the illegal display.

SHERIFF RICHARD ROUNDTREE wants to close Riverwalk Augusta after dark for safety. Better close the East Boundary area, too, and the Laney-Walker area. And the Sand Bar Ferry area. Why not just close all of Augusta. You have armed deputies. Use them!



Mon, 11/20/2017 - 19:11

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