Rants & Raves

RANT TO PARENTS on Country Place who allow your middle school age children, boys and girls, in the streets late in the evening. They use profanity, bounce basketballs, and scream and walk through neighbors’ yards. Thought you parents would like to know what your kids do in public.



GEORGE ZIMMERMAN is learning a tough lesson. Every bullet fired comes with a lawyer attached to it. He should have waited for police to arrive. As is, the media, judge, state and Martin’s family are piling on. What have we learned?


MOST MILITARY BASES had to cancel fireworks this July Fourth because of budget cuts. Meanwhile, Obama runs around Africa blowing $100 million. Is anyone else ticked off about this?


PEOPLE ARE FUSSING about using Tasers on criminals. Well, there is a solution. Stay out of trouble! It takes more effort to get into trouble than it does to stay out of it.


‘HAPPY FOURTH of July!’ Really? Would it have hurt to actually say what we celebrate on the fourth?… Happy Independence Day. Chronicle editors dropped the ball on this one.


RANT TO THE Richmond County Board of Education: Out of 159 counties in Georgia, this county is the only one with nine furlough days. You waste millions on useless programs, instructional coaches, worthless standardized tests, a hiring agency, many executive department heads and on and on. I am sick of hearing the word sacrifice from these clowns while they confiscate money out of my check.


I DON’T MIND the NSA reading my e-mails, but at least they could delete them for me.


RANT TO THE PERSON in the white SUV behind me on Deans Bridge Road. I was waiting to make a right turn onto Bobby Jones Expressway northbound. You continued to honk at me and when I didn’t move, you went around me. Did you see the sign next to the traffic signal that said “Right turn on green only”?


NEW AND IMPROVED one-time pickup did not happen again today. Garbage can full. Help! Do I get a refund for no pickup?


IF THE FURLOUGHS are one day a week, why is Fort Gordon closing Gates 2 and 3 seven days a week. At most they should be closed only two days a week.

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