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MANY RAVES TO THE repair people from Geor­gia Power, repairing a down power line on Wal­ton Way. Service was restored in a few hours, and many people were grateful in our neighborhood.


YOU ARE GOING TO give week-old sandwiches to kids? That is a no-no.


NEWS STORIES USED to require the answer to five questions, including “who” the story was about. The paper has a headline “24 people charged in meth ring case,” but it names nobody. So, it’s a news story without a “who.”


IN REFERENCE TO “Dump downtown smoke”: If you, as a reasonable adult, do not wish to deal with secondhand smoke in a business, simply do not go in. You have every right not to spend your money in that business. However, you do not have the right to tell these businesses who should and should not be allowed in. Or that they need to ban smoking. Your rights end where mine begin.


EVERYONE WHO PAYS taxes in Richmond Coun­ty should demand to know exactly how many jobs are being cut from that big school board central office. Very few of them provide direct service to students, but the board is so sad to have to cut 75 teachers.


I’M CURIOUS WHY is voter ID OK (and paid for by the American taxpayer) in Kenya, but it is racist here in the U.S.? Isn’t that a bit incongruous?


WHY CELEBRATE July Fourth? We as Americans are not free anymore. Our president is a dictator who is pushing health care down our throats.


GOV. NATHAN DEAL has made 251 appointments to state boards. Georgia government has grown to slob fat just as the federal government. If Deal – and the Legislature – can’t see the insanity of so much state government, it’s time to clean house.


THANK YOU, PAULA Deen, for being responsible for Wal-Mart and other retailers taking offensive rap music that uses slurs off their shelves.


RANT TO DR. AZZIZ. I noticed he was doing a commercial for the best of 2013. He mentioned he was president of GRU, but he left out Augusta. I guess that is the norm.



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Rants and raves

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