Rants & Raves

Comments from readers.


THESE LATEST EFFORTS to manipulate the date of Augusta’s city elections, moving them from November to July, illustrates precisely why states like Georgia still need to be under Department of Justice scrutiny under the Voting Rights Act. It still has not learned after 50 years.


RAVE TO DR. DUIGNAN at Georgia Regents University. She is a diamond among gems and is the pinnacle of professionalism, compassion and knowledge. She is an Ivy League-caliber professor, and this area is beyond fortunate to be able to soak in her wise words and expertise.


COME ON, CHRONICLE. You can do better with news placement. The front page had a heartwarming article of a worthy person receiving a used car on the front page, while a much more newsworthy article of 19 firefighters tragically killed in action was buried on the back page.


THE PEOPLE AT THE driver’s license office sound like they need lessons in the legality of out-of-state and foreign paperwork. What do they mean, it doesn’t look official enough to them? Have they really reviewed all the years of different forms of foreign and non-Georgia birth certificates, licenses, etc.?


IN REFERENCE TO THE woman from Graniteville who was against our new stadium. You are not even from North Augusta, so the stadium will have no impact on you. There is no danger of a beautiful stadium or any new development going to Graniteville. Lots of North Augusta residents want the stadium.


WHY SHOULD OUR taxes go up because of the school board? Some of them might lose their jobs, but what does that have to do with us? The school board doesn’t do anything anyway.


PEOPLE WITH THEIR pants down should be charged $25 every time you see their drawers. It is indecent exposure.


AFTER MISSING THE trash pickup one week, the next week I had maggots in my trash can. I hope you will reconsider the once-a-week pickup.


ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Let’s get off of Paula Deen. I don’t agree with the word she used 30 years ago, but let it go.


A SITTING PRESIDENT can travel anywhere he needs. At least, President Obama can be respected whereas the younger Bush just made up words to fall out of his mouth and inspire cringing and laughter.