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DO NOT CUT BACK on school teachers. It is cheaper to keep kids in school than to later keep them in jail.

RAVE TO THE downtown Huddle House. Everyone in there is great. I’m not from the South, but the Southern hospitality makes you want to come back.

LESS THAN 20 PERCENT of the population is responsible for 80 percent of the crimes. Most of them wear low-hanging, exposed drawers. Law enforcement, wake up and enforce laws against indecent exposure and rid society of these worthless economy drainers. Liberals, you are too soft on crime.

I BELIEVE IT IS dirty how they are raking Paula Deen over the coals for a mistake she made years ago. She is the best.

THOSE CROCODILE tears, aimless words (let he who has not sinned cast me with stones or rocks!), and poor timing and delivery of an insincere wailing means that Paula Deen had better not try to turn to acting to make more millions.

WHILE THE ZIMMERMAN case gets played to the hilt, the media ignore the recent savage beating of a white mother in front of her 3-year-old daughter by a home invader caught on tape. This will no doubt go the same way as the Harvey family murders in Richmond, Va., and the Wichita massacre. (Haven’t heard of them either, right?)

A HUGE RANT for the leaders of our society. You ripped down my cross and replaced it with a rainbow, and that is wrong.

I DO NOT THINK that just because illegal immigrants have a child in the U.S., their child should be a citizen. The child should be an illegal immigrant, too.

IT’S SAD TO SEE so many rants against the Richmond County Board of Education, but they are really hurting the education in our county. Money issues have been a serious issue for a while, yet they spend thousands on a “hiring tool” and other unnecessary positions. Plus, created jobs such as instructional coaches lead to even lower teacher morale. The jobs that are being lost – paraprofessionals, media assistants, custodians – are much more needed than instructional coaches and human resource people. That’s like taking the nurses out of hospitals and just having the doctors run things. It wouldn’t work. It’s a shame that there is no strong union to protect the education workers in the South.



Sat, 01/20/2018 - 19:51

Rants and raves