Rants & Raves

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RANT FOR PEOPLE in Holiday Park. Could you please park your car in the driveway? Two cars cannot pass.

EVEN IF THE SPEED limit had been posted correctly at 55, she was still speeding. Even using new math, 62 is faster than 55.

I AM APPALLED that someone would give a death threat to a firefighter for having an opinion. What is happening to the United States of America when you can’t have an opinion? Freedom of speech. It had nothing to do with his job.

TO ALL THE PEOPLE who disrespect their neighbors, no problem. We are moving anyway, but one thing is certain: We will make sure that you will enjoy the new neighbors 24 hours a day.

I USED TO MONITOR phone calls in the military. It is good the government snoops. We have prevented a lot of terrorist activities from happening in our country.

A GUY AT WORK called me a white cracker. Do you think I have grounds to sue him?

WE LIVE IN A NICE neighborhood in south Augusta. It is quiet, drug-free and noise-free. The residents have been here for a long time. We are going to keep our neighborhood safe.

CONGRESS HAS NOT learned that “passing a bill to find out what’s in it” is not a good way to govern.

WHILE THE DITHER is going on about using electronic devices while on aircraft, has anyone figured out how to wean those ground transportation idiots who pump gasoline while yakking away and to cite the gas stations that let them?

I’M TRYING TO figure out how three days of above-average temperatures is proof positive for man-made global warming, while three months of below-average temperatures is just a meteorological anomaly.

ED SNOWDEN MIGHT be a traitor, but he also exposed treason by those who control us from political office.



Wed, 01/17/2018 - 14:22

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