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IT WAS A TRAGEDY for the 8-year-old boy to have drowned in a neighbor’s swimming pool. Everyone’s heart should go out to his family. However, how can the sheriff and his department be held accountable? Isn’t a parent to be held accountable for the whereabouts of an 8-year-old child? … It’s not the sheriff’s job. It’s the parent’s.


HELEN BLOCKER-ADAMS seems like a very pleasant lady, but she strikes me as too much “sunshine and lollipops,” like the current mayor. Augusta needs a real leader in the mayor’s office who will take controversial stands and do what is right, not just tell people what they want to hear.


TO THE WOMAN in a yellow top and shorts, with a cup of coffee, walking her dog in Hereford Farm Road: Do not kick your dog. The next time if I see you kicking your dog I will call the police.


IT SEEMS YOU keep throwing money and more people keep becoming homeless and needing the money, free foods, clothes, etc. How are these people really being helped to get out of their homeless situation? Are they really able to work? If so, why do they not take a lot of these open jobs?


I HOPE PEOPLE were not fooled by the Liber­tarians at the gay pride festival in Augusta. They say they are for gay mar­riage, but what they won’t tell you is that they are also for repealing all of the nondiscrimination laws for employment and housing. Do you want to go back to the bad old days where it was legal to fire someone or deny them housing simply because they are gay? Then vote Libertarian.


MR. MOORE, THERE are other Chinese restaurants, thankfully. It is sorry when businesses, especially homegrown and not a national chain, have to close. As for the odd phrasing, it’s too bad we don’t have more American-made items to buy in the U.S.


HOW NICE THAT MAGIC Johnson’s company will help to set up a learning center for kids. But I sure hope the learning is not all by computers. That would seem to be a way for computer companies to overly encourage poor kids to have to depend on such expensive gadgets. What happened to learning centers who teach about book learning?


PAULA DEEN SAID a slur years ago and gets blasted. Blacks say it every day and “just part of the culture” is the answer. Double standard, and Democrats need to grow up and play nice.



Mon, 01/22/2018 - 18:23

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