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AUGUSTA CAN SOLVE its “homeless” (bums) problem by not feeding them. They will go elsewhere for a handout. Give them a bus ticket to New York; Bloomberg loves these folks.


PAULA DEEN IS SUCH a fake. Fake accent, fake blue eyes, fake smile and now fake apology. The only thing she is sincere about is her fear of losing revenue.


THE NEW TRASH pickup trucks do not close the lids after they dump the trash, causing rainwater to accumulate in the trash containers. This will cause mosquitoes to breed. They will need an extra tax for mosquito spraying. This tax will really bite.


OBAMA’S 2008 SPEECH at the Berlin Wall to a large audience had a lot of people mesmerized. His recent speech there, however, was met with a much more skeptical, smaller audience. It’s only a matter of time before everyone gets tired of his flowery but hollow speeches.


WHAT KIND OF MESSAGE are we sending to our 11- to 12-year-old girls when we sign them up for the HPV vaccine? What about the situation when 15-year-old girls are running along to the pharmacy to get their morning-after pill without any parental approvals or restrictions? I wonder just where we are heading.


HOW COME THERE has been little or nothing said about the more than 573,000 birds killed by the country’s wind farms each year? This number includes 83,000 hunting birds such as hawks, falcons and eagles. Also, nobody has been fined or prosecuted for killing any of the protected species. Is this a case of clean energy can do no harm?


IF THEY ARE GOING to ban Paula Deen, then they ought to ban all the misogynistic, filth-spewing rappers for using slurs for women.


HOW MANY DAYS in a row do I have to read the same news over and over again? It is somewhat boring.


FOOLISH PARENT sighting yet again: Dad has his little girl look around for his money he dropped outside of Taco Bell in the raging thunderstorm while he sat in the Explorer arguing with the clerk. At least the child had a kiddie umbrella.



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