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RANT FOR THE MAN WHO stole tips off the table at Golden Corral. Honey, if you needed money, I’m sure the girls would have given you a few dollars. You didn’t have to steal their hard-earned tips off the tables.


SHERIFF ROUNDTREE WANTS to put his name on the emblem of the new county squad cars. He says that people who are complaining are just “small minded.” He is the one with a small mind and a big ego.


OUR TOWN IS OVERRUN with gangs and Commissioner Marion Williams is talking beautification. Does he really think that will help us?


THE NEW GARBAGE TRUCKS use an automated arm that only picks up containers on its passenger side. To work both sides of the street the truck has to turn around and travel the street in the opposite direction. They are now driving twice the number of miles as before so that costs us. Why did they not plan to have all the containers placed on the same side of the street like Beech Island and North Augusta?


WHO CARES ABOUT Paula Deen? This is just a smoke screen to distract people from the IRS scandal and all of the other scandals that should be covered by the national media.


WHY IS IT THAT A 5-4 liberal decision represents a sharply divided Supreme Court, while a 5-4 conservative decision represents a narrow majority?


IF A RACIAL SLUR is so horrible, and I believe that it is, then it should be banned from all use and violators suffer the same consequences as Paula Deen. Violators should be banned from performing at nightclubs, and have their recording contracts canceled. CDs should be confiscated and burned. Such is the beauty and responsibility of true equality.


RANT FOR THIS PAULA DEEN controversy. If you kicked everybody off TV who had used a racial slur, there wouldn’t be anybody left on TV.


WE ARE WATCHING the death of a nation.


PAULA DEEN HAS ANOTHER lawsuit coming. She said I could throw a rock at her head. I did and broke my TV screen.


THE U.S. SENATE PASSED an immigration bill that requires E-verify for everybody applying for a job. The U.S. is fast becoming Nazi Germany, because government will control all. If you’re a natural born U.S. citizen, government will still require you to prove it before you can get a job. Big Brother is HERE!



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