Ministry camp will provide home repairs to needy



Sometimes all it takes is a helping hand for needy families to find their footing.

This week, one South Carolina-based ministry will be extending its hand by repairing the homes of three families in North Augusta’s first Salkehatchie Summer Service camp.

With a stable of 24 youth and eight adult workers, the ministry will spread across North Augusta to repair the homes, identified by the United Way of Aiken County. The workers will call Grace Uni­ted Methodist Church home for one week as they work to repair roofs,
fix plumbing and paint interior walls.

“The goal is to serve God by helping the people in need,” said Bobby Oliver, the camp’s co-director. “These are people who wouldn’t be able to pay for the repairs on their own.”

The Rev. Jim Dennis Jr., the senior minister at Grace United Metho­dist, said funding for the program comes mostly from the camp’s fees. The South Carolina Conference of the United Metho­dist Church helps pay the fee, which then goes toward building materials.

Youth workers include high school and college-age students and mostly come from different parts of South Carolina, Dennis said.

“Many of them haven’t even been to North Augusta before,” he said.

The camp is one of more than 50 that the Salkehatchie Summer Ser­vice puts on across South Carolina.

Workers arrived in North Augusta on Saturday afternoon for worship sessions and tours of the homes.
The campers then broke into teams, each selecting a mascot and cheer to use throughout the week, Oliver said.

Through Friday, campers will work on the homes simultaneously from 7 a.m. to about 4:30 p.m., weather permitting.

Dennis, who has participated in the camp at other South Carolina churches, said he wanted to bring it to North Augusta as a way for the church to bond with its community. This year will mark Dennis’ fifth Salkehatchie Summer Service camp.

“I really do want the church to be more involved,” he said. “Knowing that someone can stay dry when it rains – it makes me feel good.”

Dennis said he hopes to play host to the camp again next year.


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