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THERE IS NO WAY I could pass what happened to my wife and I. On June 18 my wife and I went to a restaurant named TOKI to eat. After we ordered, our server informed us that the couple sitting in front of us had paid for our meal; my wife and I were completely surprised to find out that there are still wonderful and kind-hearted people in this world. May God bless them and their family.

I WONDER IF the Libertarians who were marching in Augusta’s Gay Pride parade also told the assembled crowd that their party wants to repeal all workplace and housing discrimination laws?

WHAT GENIUSES THOUGHT OF one-day-a-week garbage pickup? My trash is full by Tuesday; now I have these worms all over the trash because of the heat in the trash. On top of that we are still paying the same price for less service. Really? What country are we in? Russia? Do we have no choice in this matter?

CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN why someone who lives in Lincoln County keeps meddling into the affairs of Augusta-Richmond County? Who asked for your advice? Why don’t you just pay attention to what is going on in Lincoln County and stay out of our business here in Augusta?

CAN WE PLEASE get the grass cut in the ditches on Circular Drive in south Augusta? I bet our local prisoners need something to do so put them to work! And while they’re at it, have them cut the grass along Bobby Jones Expressway! Thank you!

THE ONE IDEA I really like by Marion Williams was the one to get some goats to eat up the grass and papers that are in the abandoned yards. I say we need a passel of them for the yards of the poor elderly folks first. You can also get goats that will produce milk and enjoy that healthy milk perhaps for the food kitchen downtown. Save their manure to use in the garden in back of the food kitchen. Low cost to maintain goats and you can profit from them as well.

I UNDERSTAND the Augusta Commission is trying to cut the budget as much as possible, but we are going back to the middle ages. Garbage collection once a week to me is unacceptable. Leaving the garbage outside in 80-plus-degree heat for a week at a time can’t possibly be healthy to the public. It breeds disease, attracts flies and other unwanted insects and animals, and other problems.



Fri, 01/19/2018 - 17:23

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