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OBAMA IS OFF on a tear to address climate change, but apparently he failed to mention the negative effects on employment. You cannot shut down all of the coal power plants without affecting both energy prices and employment. Of course there is a “spend” part in his plan; he wants provide up to $8 billion for efficiency projects like Solyndra! His cronies are waiting in the wings for that money.


AM I NAIVE OR WHAT to expect that the school test scores of Richmond County and Columbia County should be on par? I sure hope that the long-term plan of Frank Roberson has that in mind. Being from Richmond County, it’s rather embarrassing to see the disparity right now!


THIS IS A HUGE RAVE to all the employees at University Hospital who have not had a raise in three years, who had their 403(b)’s reduced and the health insurance rates raised. Thanks for taking it all in stride while your company continues to buy properties in Aiken County and McDuffie County. Hang in there. Maybe it will get better in 2014. The physicians continue to make their millions and get their bonuses. Maybe someday they’ll appreciate you for what you do, but until then just know I am truly grateful for all that you guys do.


SO, APPARENTLY Au­gusta Commissioner Mar­ion Williams is trying to plan a huge facelift of downtown Augusta that would cost around $3 million … and yet just last week they were saying they couldn’t afford $100,000 to cut down trees and install cameras to make downtown safer. How about we spend the money to make downtown safer for people to enjoy and then talk about a “veranda”?


MR. WILLIAMS, BEFORE you build an atrium on top of a parking deck, why don’t you consider spending the $3 million on crime downtown? Common sense has left the building.


A RAVE FOR LEE, the nice gentleman who held the umbrella and helped me put my groceries in the car when it was pouring rain at Ingles in Wrens.


TO THE PERSON WHO left the chocolate Chi­hua­hua puppy behind ARC about one year ago: This wonderful, loving dog just died from Addison’s disease. We now know why you left her. Thank you for 13 wonderful months with Sophie. She was a doll baby.



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Rants and raves

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