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I JUST WANT TO congratulate our sheriff, Richard Roundtree, for being a selfish spender with taxpayer money.


RACIAL SLURS ARE used by far more from the black community in music and in everyday conversation. If a white says it one time, it becomes national news and the person gets canned.


THIS WORLD WOULD be a lot better if people would stop living in the past. Who cares what someone has said 20 year ago? People overreact about everything. That is not news to me.


I SERVED THIS country and used to believe in it, but the Supreme Court’s decision has made me ashamed of what it has become. What happened to the godly principles that our Founding Fathers built this country on? Our first president said, “It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible.”


RAVE FOR THE employees at the Augusta Sports Authority store. It’s a real (and unfortunately unexpected) treat to receive excellent customer service from a group of employees with the goal of making their customers happy. I will return to this store.


MANY THANKS TO ALL the doctors and nurses in the Gamma Knife area at Georgia Regents Medical Center. They took great care of me, and I’d like everyone to know how much I appreciate the care and concern they had for me. Especially nurse Sharon O. We’re blessed to have such a great facility.


A BIG RANT TO political correctness. How on Earth did this country become so cowed by minorities that any slightly unfavorable statement is cause for crucifixion?


WHY IS SECRETARY of State John Kerry trying to strong-arm the Taliban into negotiations? Negotiate with them for what? We should know by now that any agreements made with the Taliban will not be worth anything in the long run. All the Taliban have to do is wait until we leave Afghanistan, and then they have the run of the place. We have given them our departure schedule.


WE CAN’T GET A high school dropout who tells terrorists all of our secrets and then runs to Russia, but we sure can get that lady down in Savannah.



Sun, 01/21/2018 - 20:23

Rants and raves