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IF ANY PARENT believes the Richmond County Board of Education cares about you, think again. When will the people stand up for their children’s education? They already want to cut 100 or more jobs at the schools, but not at the board. All they know to do is draw a paycheck. I heard each child is worth $10,000. No wonder they don’t want families to leave the county. Your child makes them money. You could send your child to a private school. We should call our state representatives and tell them we want vouchers. Better yet we ought to start firing those at the board who are just taking advantage of us.


WHY DO CHURCHES try to learn and teach out of reworded, altered, misinterpreted Bibles? Maybe they ought to try to learn and teach out of the King James Version.


OUR HOSTESS TWINKIES will be back on the shelves again. There is now a new owner that has a non-union workforce. The original owner was forced to sell because its unionized workers would not agree on the changes that were necessary for the company to survive. Long live the Twinkie!


THANKS TO The Chronicle for its coverage of domestic violence in the Metro section. The inclusion of the contact information for both the National Domestic Violence Hot line and Safe Homes of Augusta should help those who have the need to reach out for help. Thanks for putting the spotlight on this important topic.


I APPLAUD ANY method that is used to educate our youths. I just hope that the online charter school Provost Academy, which will open in Augusta shortly, will be able to reach out to those who are struggling with the more traditional learning methods. I wish them success.


I HAVE TWO SONS who have had the benefit of Chris Wilkins’ teaching abilities, and both have benefited from his knowledge and teaching style. Not just textbook, but life lessons. I, for one, hope and pray he remains as a teacher at Greenbrier High School.


A FENDER-BENDER on River Watch Parkway the other day had all occupants safely walking around the vehicles, which had pulled over. Arriving and stopping miles of traffic were three Richmond County police vehicles, one Georgia State Patrol vehicle, two fire trucks and one ambulance. Some adults never grow out of playing cowboys and Indians.



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