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GEORGIA REGENTS university has a job called “government and community specialist.” What do you reckon that’s supposed to mean?

PLACES OF BUSINESS need to be cleaning their sidewalks to rid them of the gum. With the hot weather, it strings all over your pants and shoes and gets tracked in the businesses’ carpet and your own carpet. With this hot weather, I don’t see how business don’t do this automatically. (Goodwill on Peach Orchard Road is especially bad.)

I WOULD LOVE TO SEE the details of the 50 terrorist plots that were supposedly foiled by the National Security Agency surveillance program. Why am I suspicious of what our government is telling us? I just hope that I am not getting paranoid.

I CANNOT BELIEVE Augusta had a pride festival. Sickening.

APPARENTLY SOME folks in the area believe The Chronicle can publish only letters to the editor that agree with their beliefs and ideologies. Someone please tell these poor delusionals that the opinion page is named so for that specific reason: to allow others to state their opinions, be they left, right, in the center or off the charts? And if you can’t take reading the opinion of others without having a self-righteous fit, then do yourself a favor and buy only the periodicals that espouse your particular point of view.

WHEN WILL DEANS Bridge Road be finished? Are we waiting for more people to get killed? Please do something quick about that road before more people get hurt.

THE AUGUSTA Commis­sion is a joke. It has misspent hundreds of thousands of taxpayers dollars because of incompetence. Every one of them should be voted out and replaced. They are making Augusta a laughingstock.

PEOPLE SHOULD STOP worrying about coyotes and keep their cats indoors.

INSTEAD OF FIXING our badly needed repairs to roads one commissioner wants to build a playhouse on a parking deck downtown. Go figure.


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Rants and raves

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