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GRIPE. AUGUSTA DRIVER’S LICENSE office. My wife was told that her U.S. citizenship was “too old.” Her Philippine birth certificate didn’t look “official.” And she was told that our Philippine marriage certificate didn’t look “official.”

Come on, Georgia, we can do better.


IF AUGUSTA WANTS TO prosper, let her sell the top two-thirds of the downtown levee as fill dirt and market the riverfront property to private developers. Turning mills into dorms is a pretty idea, but allowing downtown to be fun is the ultimate revenue generator, and a net profit for the city from the get-go; No investment necessary!


PEOPLE OF MARTINEZ: If you’re traveling on Evans to Lock Road and taking a right turn at the light onto Furys Ferry, there is a new “No Right Turn On Red” sign directly in front of the turn lane aside the stop light ... so ... STOP HONKING AT ME FOR ABIDING BY TRAFFIC LAWS! This includes you, West Lake!


I CAN’T BELIEVE THE Chronicle wasted time and ink on a story about a woman from Virginia who met a guy at the gas station at 5 a.m., took him to her hotel room and was robbed. There were no other stories that needed to be covered? Was she really just visiting from “Virginia” or was she “working”? Worst story ever.


HAVEN’T WE LEARNED by now that there is no constitutional authority for the federal government to “give” thousands of dollars of taxpayer money for something like a “fishing pond” in Augusta? Also, that $50,000 just adds $50,000 more to what we taxpayers owe while Obama is spending a million dollars a trip to fly himself and his family around the world.


DON’T LET THE socialists in control put revenue-negative government boondoggles on the riverfront ever again.


I’VE MISPLACED MY cousin’s cellphone number. I wonder if I can get it from the NSA?


I WOULD LIKE TO THANK Staff Sgt. Jackson who shared our table at Myabi Kyoto restaurant, and treated my wife, my daughter and son-in-law and myself to dinner. It was totally unexpected. The waiter said that he paid the bill because he frequently had been the recipient of kindnesses and wanted to return the favor. Once again, Staff Sgt. Jackson, thank you for your service to our great country and God Bless you.



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