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THIS IS A RAVE for Katherine Gomon, who at the age of 90 continues on her mission to inspire the community to plant 100 crape myrtles, red maples and Yoshino cherry blossoms. The recent addition of two dozen cherry blossom trees along the Central Avenue median will serve as a reminder of what can be achieved when there is someone like Katherine to inspire us.


A MAJOR RANT to a local radio personality who feels it is OK to suspend our constitutional rights to fight terrorism: If we do that then they have won. There needs to be a clearly understood process, limit in time and a limit in scope, covering in such cases. Not martial law imposed by city politicians and police that allows them to act without regard to the U.S. Constitution and impose their will on honest citizens.


JUST A BIT OF South­ern advice for GRU President Ricardo Azziz. When the manure gets knee deep it is time to think about getting out.


RANT FOR AMERICANS. I guess giving welfare payments to terrorists while they are planning to bomb us qualifies America as the dumbest and most naïve country on planet Earth, especially our elected leaders.


DR. AZZIZ, PLEASE explain why you would bring your family, who I can assume are cool, to an uncool city such as Augusta for your niece’s wedding?


I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT people can stoop so low as to rob graves. How can anybody remove the dead from graves, including an infant, and rob them of what little they possessed?


IT SURE IS FUNNY how raises are handed out in Augusta city government. If it was not for the local media we would have never known about City Administrator Fred Russell giving his secret “pay adjustments” during reorganization. The commissioners are now secretly asking the state if they can give themselves a raise. Whenever the people that actually do the physical labor for the city ask about an increase, we are told “I’m working on it,” “I’m going to look out for you” or “I’ll bring that up at the next meeting.”


A BIG RAVE ON THE editorial column regarding Ricardo Azziz. You are telling it like it is. Just wait. Tip of the iceberg. Wonder if when he was hired, he demanded Augusta State University officials fly to California to pick him up?


Sat, 08/19/2017 - 01:11

Rants and raves