Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


I’M GLAD THEY CAUGHT the bombers; too many television programs were interrupted because of that. They cut into programs with five minutes left and just repeated themselves over and over.

MAKING A POINT: I think they ought to quit selling pressure cookers since people know how to make a bomb and hurt others. Why are you looking so disgusted? You are trying to do the same thing to the gun laws. People hurt people, not metal pots and guns.

RENALDO RIVERA has been in the prison system for a long time. Are they holding up his execution because of the injection drugs? There are quite a few families who would like to have some closure.

RANT FOR FOOD stamps. We were at Kroger on Colum­bia Road, and this couple had one shopping cart full of soda and over $100 worth of groceries, and they took it out to a brand-new 2013 double cab pickup truck. What is wrong with our system?

IT IS AMAZING HOW Rants & Raves can print complaints about President Obama. He is president. Get over it. Let’s talk about the holes in the street. Over in Columbia County they were fixed for the Masters. We’re regular people, so I guess we don’t get our stuff fixed. Let’s complain about that.

A GIANT RAVE TO Jamie and Walgreens on Wash­ing­ton Road for giving me the best customer service in my life. After not finding the item I needed at any of the Walgreens in our area, she started calling the competitors. She was like Kriss Kringle in Miracle on 34th Street. Amazing. Well done, Jamie.

I HAD OPEN HEART surgery and a pacemaker. If Rich­mond County sheriff’s deputies taze me, I could die and Richmond Coun­ty would have a very large lawsuit on their hands. They should find out a person’s condition before they taze them.

I DIDN’T KNOW YOU needed to have a license to drive a wheelchair in Harlem. They gave a woman a hit-and-run ticket for hitting somebody, but when did an electric wheelchair become a vehicle? Do we have to have a tag, too?

THE WHITE HOUSE WAS a target. You don’t fly your president back to a target. The whole time the president was in the air, he was aware of what was happening on the ground. You always move the commander in chief until you identify the enemy and you know it is safe.